Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jennifer Knapp on Larry King: Part 1

The well known singer and Christian music artist Jennifer Knapp, reveals that she has embraced the homosexual lifestyle.  I am going to be breaking down the different segments of this interview as I see some things that should have been clarified but do to time was not able to have the attention it deserves!

Lets jump right in with Part 1:

At 5:45 minutes in Larry ask's if her view of  homosexuality is in anyway a conflict with her or if she thinks the bible speaks against it.


Jennifer, says that anytime we read a book we read it through our own life experience and what we want to bring out of it.

Is this how we should be reading the text? The question should NEVER be "What does the text mean to me", but rather who is the author?, who is the audience?, and what is he saying to the people whom he is writing to?   Word's have meanings and we can not just interpret them in anyway we want.

To justify her position that the bible does not condemn homosexual behavior she has to appeal to interpreting the bible through her own life experiences and what she wants to get out of it rather than researching who the author is, who his audience is, etc.  Unfortunately this is what happens when one abandons good hermenudicts (The art and science of biblical interpretation) and interprets scripture through their own frame work of  "what they want to get out of it."

Click Here for a explanation of the "Historical Grammatical Method" of hermenudicts .

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