Friday, April 6, 2012

Did Jesus ever exist?

Did Jesus ever exist?

Amazing that there are still skeptics that do not think Jesus ever existed. Thankfully apostate and well known NT historian and agnostic (He says he is an atheist in regard to the Christian God) has written a book taking on the "mythicists" and defending the historical fact that Jesus did certainly exist.

I am not claiming he believes in Christian theology but rather Jesus as a historical figure that really existed.

We need to pray for Dr. Ehrman that God would grant him repentance and he would embrace Jesus Christ as his Lord and Master.

"Paul knew Jesus' brother, James, and he knew his closest disciple, Peter, and he tells us that he did," Ehrman says. "If Jesus didn't exist, you would think his brother would know about it, so I think Paul is probably pretty good evidence that Jesus at least existed," he says. -Bart Ehrman

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