Friday, January 18, 2013

Does God Exist Debate: Matt Dillahunty vs John Ferrer

Last night we had a very interesting debate between the president of the "Atheist Experience" and my friend John Ferrer. We plan to do more in the future.  Hope you enjoy!

Join Devin and Melissa Pellew each week at they discuss topics related to biblical theology, Christian apologetics and worldview issues. This week, we will have a crossfire debate between an atheist and a Christian apologist on God's Existence & The Nature of Morality. Defending the atheist position will be Matt Dillahunty, a self- proclaimed former fundamental Christian turned atheist and host of the popular television show, The Atheist Experence. Defending the Christian position will be John Ferrer, who received an M. Div in Apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary. We will discuss arguments for/against God's existence as well as the question of whether Theism or Naturalism best explains the nature of morality. Be sure to join us for this interesting dialogue and as always, the chat room and phone lines will be open for your questions and comments.

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