Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 Really Bad Youtube Objections to the Kalam Cosmological Argument

These are the top 10 really bad youtube objections to the Kalam Cosmological Argument*:

# 10 - "A God is not needed to create the universe, the universe created itself."

# 9 -- "KCA is nothing more than a 'God of the Gaps' argument."

Bad Refutation #8 comes in five parts because they all speak on the identity of the First Cause.

# 8a -- "How do you know God caused the universe? We don't know what caused the universe but it sure as hell ain't God."

#8b -- "It doesn't make sense to describe something in negative terms."

# 8c -- "Ha! Ha! You just made an argument for the Flying Spaghetti Monster as the cause of the universe! Who knows, I can say it's an invisible unicorn that caused the universe. You really don't know if God had anything to do with it!"

#8d -- "You don't know if this God is the God of Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. What good is this argument?"

#8e - "The KCA doesn't argue that this God answers prayers, forgives sins, reads our thoughts, etc."

# 7 - "The Kalam Cosmological Argument commits the fallacy of composition."

# 6 -- "If the actual infinite cannot exist then how can God exist if he's infinite?"

# 5 -- "The KCA engages in circular reasoning and begs the question."

# 4 -- "The Kalam Cosmological Argument is guilty of equivocation."

#3 - "The First Law of Thermodynamics (the conservation of energy) refutes the first premise of the Kalam Cosmological Argument that whatever begins to exist has a cause."

#4 and #3 again -- "KCA, The First Law of Thermodynamics, and Equivocation."

# 2 -- "Quantum Mechanics proves something can come from literally nothing."

# 1 -- "Since everything needed a cause, what caused God?"

All responses made by William Lane Craig.

For more defenses against objections of the Kalam Cosmological Argument: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=916E17EE70E98A68

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