Monday, February 6, 2012

New Birth Crowns Eddie Long as King

This video truly is amazing. The fact that any Pastor would allow the church service where people have come to worship God and give thanks to turn into a show where it is all about how great he is absolutely stuns me.

Eddie Long recently settled a law suit out of court where at least 2 young men say they were coerced into a sexual relationship with him. His wife has divorced him and he settled out of court. The point is that with all these accusations and in light of his recent divorce it amazes me that he would spend a church service to build his ego about how great he is.

This is why we need more biblical theology in the church friends. When you have this man centered Christianity instead of God centered this is what you come up with!

After taking much heat from the Jewish community Eddie Long has issued a statement apologizing for going to far and offending several people.

You can read about it here

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