Monday, February 27, 2012

A discussion on Calvinism vs Arminianism

Myself and my dear brother Mathew Graham who is an elder in my church and someone I greatly love and respect are going to do a written debate on the Doctrines of Grace!

He will make an opening statement on Total Depravity and I will respond and we will go down the five points. Here is a link to his blog so you can follow the debate!



  1. Did you abandon the debate. I've been checking in to see if you had a response but haven't seen any action. I think you know where I fall but I was interested to see your response. God Bless!

  2. Hey Pastor Tony. I had been checking on it for a couple of months and he had not finished and asked for me to hold off until he was done writing his post. So I have went back and finished reading his post and have put a comment in his section and we shall see. Feel free to join the discussion! I do not know how long it will take Matt to respond or how involved he will be in the discussion as he seems to be a pretty busy guy.

  3. Devin, I just saw your posts. I'll try to give you a reply after church today. Thanks!