Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Age of The Earth Debate

This Debate took place in 2005

Dr. Jason Lisle from Answers In Genesis debates Dr. Hugh Ross from Reasons to believe. Both of these men are Christians, and both believe in the inspiration of the Bible.

The battle is really over hermeneutics and biblical interpretation. I as many people who follow this blog know that I am a committed believer in the Young Earth Creationist position. I do not divide on this issue with my brothers and it is of course, not a salvational issue.

However just because it is not an essential to the Christian faith, that does not mean it is not important. As said earlier the debate is over consistent hermeneutics.

The young earth position believes that God created the universe in 6 24 hour days and later there was a global world wide flood.

Progressive Creation is the view that the days in Genesis are long periods of time, big bang cosmology and reject that the flood was worldwide but only local.

For those not familiar with this "in house debate", this will be a good introduction to the debate, for more I suggest you go to and

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