Friday, December 28, 2012

Mormon vs Christian Debate!

Join Devin and Melissa Pellew each week at they discuss topics related to biblical theology, Christian apologetics and worldview issues. This week, we had a very interesting dialogue between an Evangelical Christian and a Mormon on the topic of "Who is God?" and other key doctrinal differences between the two belief systems. Representing The Church of Latter Day Saints will be Rashago Kemp of Springville, Utah. Rashago grew up the son of the pastor of a non-denomination church and was a youth leader before converting to the Church of Latter Day Saints five years ago. Representing Evangelical Christianity will be Michael Willenborg, graduate of Southern Evangelical Seminary with a Master's in Apologetics. We will also take your calls at the end of the show with questions directed at Rashago and Michael. You do not want to miss this interesting croosfire dialogue as we closely examine the teachings of Mormonism and orthodox Christianity and how they differ.

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