Monday, January 16, 2012

From Bloodlines to Bloodline

"The title of this message is “From Bloodlines to Bloodline”. It is has a double meaning. And both meanings are a longing and a prayer. The first meaning is the long and the prayer that God would take all of us from our various racial and ethnic bloodlines and lead us to the one bloodline of Jesus Christ — a bloodline born at the cross where he shed his blood to form one new people, one new bloodline, from every people and tongue and tribe and nation.

The second meaning of the title, “From Bloodlines to Bloodline,” is a reference to the book I wrote called Bloodlines: Race Cross and the Christian, and the prayer is that God would use that book to lead people from Bloodlines, the book, to the one bloodline of Jesus Christ, where the racial and ethnic suspicions and dislike and disrespect and hostilities are overpowered by the unifying blood of Jesus."

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