Thursday, December 23, 2010

Who Wrote Mathew? Part 1

Matt Dillahunty is an outspoken atheist and the host of the show "The Atheist Experience". This is a live call in show where they challenge Theists to call in.

Dillahunty the week before was saying nobody knows who wrote Mathew, and a 15 year old kid Kabane calls in and in my opinion cleans Dillahuntys clock!


Dillahunty completely exposes his bias against the supernatural by saying that Kabanes problem is that he is comparing the NT to the same tests we would any other work in History. This is called "special Pleading".

"Special pleading is a form of spurious argumentation where a position in a dispute introduces favorable details or excludes unfavorable details by alleging a need to apply additional considerations without proper criticism of these considerations themselves. Essentially, this involves someone attempting to cite something as an exemption to a generally accepted rule, principle, etc. without justifying the exemption."

@ 2:19

Kabane exposes his bias against miracles by rejecting any text if it contains miracles and putting them in the myth category.

So instead of looking at the evidence and investigating the arguments for the resurrection he simply rejects it from the start because of his presupposition against miracles. Kabane does a great job of exposing the hosts presuppositions!


Dillahunty says he dosent believe a text that contained miracles because its not enough evidence for him. The problem is that the resurrection is a historical event thus only has historical evidence to support it. You will see as this goes on Dillahunty continuously makes a category mistake by thinking we need to use the scientific method to test miracle claims that happened in the past.

@ 7:22

Kabane again exposes Dillahunty and his continuous special pleading, bravo Kabane!!

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