Sunday, June 13, 2010

Greg Koukl

Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Midair from The Veritas Forum on Vimeo.

Moral Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Midair

Greg Koukl
University of California, Los Angeles
18 April 2001
Moral relativism, says Koukl, is not an alternative way to think about morality, nor is it a refinement of how we are to think of morality—rather, it is an outright denial of morality. In this talk, Koukl addresses what he calls the "myth of moral neutrality," discusses the implications of moral relativity, and illuminates several fatal flaws inherent to the moral relativist position. Ultimately, he argues that moral relativism is untenable and that the best reason for the existence of morality is a moral Lawgiver.

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