Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Natural Law

One does not need to have the Bible to know basic laws of morality. Those who say Atheists can not be moral or those who are not Christians can not be moral people are in error. One does not need the Bible nor does one need to believe in God to have a good structure of morals to which they live by.

However, God must exist for there to be an objective moral standard. Objective moral values say that for instance killing a baby for fun, is objectively wrong, which means it is a law that is valid and binding whether anyone believes it or not. Subjective moral values is all that would exist if there was no God (Transcendent Anchor) which would mean one could not say in any objective sense that killing a baby for fun was wrong. It might be your opinion, but why is your opinion better than others?

This is why God must exist for there to be a ground for an objective standard, even atheists can be moral because even though they supress the truth, God does exist. However, if there was no God there would be no objective moral values.

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